MPFI/BMES and all the other things I forgot since I haven’t been writing

Well, it’s only been eight months since I put a post up. Sorry to anyone who’s actually been looking at this site – web design really isn’t my thing. During my hiatus, a lot has happened.


I accepted a position as a postbac research fellow at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, where I’ve been working since July. My work involves in vivo two-photon imaging of the visual cortex V1, specific cells in layer 2/3. More specifically, my job is to develop a video-based eye tracking algorithm to follow the gaze position and pupil dilation of animals during experiments. I’ll probably make a few posts about some of the research done at the Institute, but for now I’ll link the Fitzpatrick lab homepage.


Just last weekend I presented a poster on the research I did under Jon Viventi at Duke was presented at the annual Biomedical Engineering Society conference (see below). It was my first conference, and overall I think it went well. The feedback on my work was encouraging, and led to some interesting perspectives on approaches I (or rather Jon) can take as the project continues.

All right, that’s it for now. I’ll be updating this site more regularly now that BMES is over. I may be migrating away from SquareSpace, so expect some weirdness in the site if I transition.

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