First Post/ News

Hey all, this is the quasi-first post of the blog. If school has taught me anything (it has, I think), it’s that the way information is presented and discussed is critical for individual understanding of difficult concepts. I hope for this space to be a place where some of the more interesting and difficult science and tech news will be broken down and discussed (what exactly are gravitational waves, anyway?)

My next post will talk about PGP encryption, which I recently set up for my email accounts, and maybe a bit about the discovery of gravitational waves a few weeks ago. There will be a decent amount of focus on neuroscience and neuroengineering, and probably a healthy dose of math for good measure. But really this is a place for me and you to learn about the exciting discoveries we may or may not hear about.

In other news, check out this great writeup of my BCI Hand project featured on the Duke Undergraduate Research Blog and the Pratt School of Engineering Undergrad Research News!

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